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Aug 3, 2011

Word. Wednesday.

         Today's word is something I've been thinking about a lot this week:

      moderation, from mod·er·ate [adj., n. mod-er-it, mod-rit; v. mod-uh-reyt1.
kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense; 2. of medium quantity, extent, or amount; 3. mediocre or fair; 4. calm or mild, as of the weather.

To say I have a little trouble with this would be a stark understatement.  When I started running, I decided to train for a marathon, the Boston, no less.  Until I learned you had to qualify, I thought this was a grand idea.  Why not start at the top?  And so it goes with the rest of my all-or-nothing visage on life.  I realize this can be a virtue, but let me loudly and clearly proclaim the not-so-ignorable fault of excessiveness!

I have a deep deep admiration for he who can wear a pair of jeans out, use one pair of sneakers until they're hole-y and only then get another, be satisfied at a meal without being over-full, politely turn down or turn away from foods that taste oh so good! but make one sick (in my case, anything involving sugar), read books from the library instead of buying them, sit in blissful silence without trying to fill the air and eardrums with constant vibrations and distractions, who spends money only when he has it, who is deliberate, constant, a pariah of reason and control...

I'm not sure I always want to be that person, as I also value spontaneity, the thrill of a splurge, and treating myself kindly.  However, lately, the extremes of my behaviors (mostly eating and spending) do not suggest kindness, they border on addiction.

Any suggestions?


  1. It's a Vaughan trait to become obsessed with every new interest, so I have zero advice! :-)

  2. That's okay! I think that's a swell trait too! And I enjoy reading about your forays and interests! (:

  3. Laura, once again, this is exactly what I have been thinking! Eating good things and spending are my addictions as well. Last night, Mom's cousin stopped in for a visit. She was talking about addiction with Mom (who is an addiction counselor) and said "I guess you have to just fix your mind to stopping and then it happens." Today I have been thinking about how to fix my mind to it. Reading Verity's post about craft makes me a little more excited about not spending money. I want to see what I can make or fix or hobble together to avoid spending money. The eating thing--still not sure. But I am determined to be determined about it! :-)

  4. You feel so proud of yourself if you do fix things, Bet. Think of how great it feels when you make something that has turned out amazingly. It feels so good! It is a struggle to stop addictive behavior. I think as Americans we're programmed to overspend and consume, nonstop. When I lived in Austria, my host family literally never went out to eat. Not once in the entire 7 months I was there. Why can't I do that? I can, by gum! And so can you!