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Oct 28, 2012

thoughts: hunkering down

"talk" lately has been 78% about storms and preparation.  as a north-easterner, i've been fuzzily aware that the days are flying by and my morning commute will soon involve numb fingers, chipping ice from windshields and recklessly trying to drive a 2 ton vehicle while looking through a tiny porthole of cleared space while hoping the blaring heat takes care of the rest, and soon.  

but something about the impending storm seems sudden, too early.  i want thanksgiving to be cold, so sitting down to a table groaning with the weight of steaming food is enticing.  i want christmas time to be white with snow, if not just to match up to those cards we receive (except for that guy from florida, whose cards always sport santa in bermudas with flamingos around him...).  but october... halloween... let's still have walkable streets for that scary night, eh?  alas, ready or not... here it comes.

despite my thinking the storm should have scheduled a later date, i welcome the idea of hunkering down.  multiple times this fall, i've been standing at the oven or stove, concocting this or following one of the interwebz' myriad recipes, and the wind produced some particularly big gust outside, the leaves rattled, and i smiled to myself.  because i was in.  because i had warm slippers on.  and hot cocoa available.  and good books.  all quality hunkering down materials.  

i'm a bit excited about possibly holing up this week.  are you?

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