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May 28, 2012

Notes from the Road - Day Four

Feeling small and childlike near the giant sequoias...

Notes from the Road - Day Three

Sometimes a day with loved ones involves chocolate cake...and sometimes to make it through said cake, you have to eat half later in your hotel room.

Sequoias tomorrow friends, keep tuned...

May 26, 2012

Notes from the Road - Day Two

A trip to the Getty Center with my great uncle and Judy. We loved the lilies in the Garden Center and in the galleries.

Notes from the Road - Day One

It's been a while folks. I've been following you all closely, but not joining in the fun. I probably have a few posts to catch up on, but thought I'd start a little series as I'm on a little trip in California! Please forgive any weird formatting or delays - I'm trying this from my phone (:

Day one found us flying into LA. LA feels safer and cleaner than NYC, there are quite a few big men with little dogs walking the streets, and we didn't meet a macaron we didn't like (yup double negative).

Our 21-hours-of-being-awake day ended with an orchestra performance by the LA Phil. Sleepy, yet delightful.