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Dec 31, 2013

2013 - Some Perspective

- downside up -

I was going to sit down and plan this post out... you know, rehearse and edit a smidge before I deemed it ready to go... but it's drawing close to the time we trek down the road to our friends/neighbors to snack and play and struggle to stay up until midnight... so there is just this.

I have been away from this space for some time now.  I haven't even been reading the blogs I "follow"... but in the meantime, a lot has happened - some externally, some internally.  I'll attempt to sum up here.

In 2013, I let go of...
a fear of not trying hard enough.  At least in some respects.  I think I had an idea that it wasn't right to give up on a job, that I needed to know what the next step would be before I could move on.  But... I quit.  I allowed myself to think I had given it all I had and still wasn't happy with it. And, thanks to a slew of gracious and good-natured family and friends, I did not become homeless and I didn't starve.  Odd jobs popped up left and right, which lead into a nannying stint for two months, which brings us to...

I learned... (bullets behoove us here)
  • not to trust a toddler when they say they're potty-trained "enough" to use the toilet on their own
  • how to walk away when a child is crying instead of napping (I'm not evil... I just learned the hard way the fine line between actual need and manipulation)
  • that the job search process is grueling, and long, and ridiculous, and long... and I had it good
  • toddlers say the funniest things
  • I really do like the healthcare field
  • that I have the most peace when I let go of the reins... or the handlebars... or the helm; choose your metaphor
  • I really like my sweets mixed with spices - chai, for example, or salt with chocolate... or chilies with chocolate
  • to be more comfortable with "30"... and with myself

I loved...
  • the appreciation of little people.  I was the bearer of food and hilarity and comfort, and I was appreciated for it.  Such a simple exchange, and overall, a fun one
  • seeing my family come together in hard times
  • renewing my love for reading
  • being more aware of what matters most
  • witnessing the love of friends getting married
  • new connections and friends

I'm looking forward to a new calendar year, bringing with me the perspectives and experience gained thus far.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2014.