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Aug 26, 2011

Friday Flowers

Hello dears!  My posting has been sorely lacking lately.  As I mentioned, one thing I am very "green" at, at 28 years old, is moderation.  I've been trying to walk that fine line between doing too much and too little, and lately, I seem to swing erraticly.  I've (shamefully) spent way too much of my work time this week looking at this blog.  I couldn't help it - it's simple and green and full of food and handwork and pictures...! At first, I told myself that it was okay, I was just taking my state-mandated 15 minutes breaks (for every four hours worked).  I mean, to not take them would be breaking the law, right?  It's when it goes more than slightly beyond those "breaks" that is the problem... But! one thing I really enjoyed about the blog was that almost every Friday showcases flowers the author bought for herself, or was gifted.  Seeing as how yesterday was a particularly gloomy one, gray weather and all, I took myself to the P. Chop. (they have really nice flowers, I promise) and bought some sunflowers.  And took pictures in the morning light today...

{sunflowers, green glass vase, grocery bag bunny}

{sunflower detail}

I hope the author doesn't mind, but I quite like the way she labels pictures - imitation is flattery, I hope.

A long weekend awaits.  More soon in garden, birthday and card-making fun.

On a funny note, the cashier at Panera today had a very quiet, sort of French accent... until the person in line after me.  Then his voice was much louder and much more... not French.  Maybe he's an actor and that's his second job...


  1. Haha to the Panera poser! :-) And I love, love sunflowers and your pictures of them! And P Chop.

  2. I love the idea of Friday Flowers. When I was in college, I lived 2 spots down from a florist. I would go every week or so w/ a set budget of $5 or $10 and ask what I could get for that. Normally she had something she needed to get rid of, so I would end up w/ some almost wilted roses or a bouquet of baby's breathe. I should start doing that again. Flowers always improve the day. I love your sunflowers, so cheerful!