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Aug 5, 2011

Chal-lenge! (...am I allowed to do that?)

Despite my less than stellar performance on the last challenge (the intention was there, believe me), I really like the idea of challenges.  Sheepishly, I'll admit I have a hard time turning down a good challenge, dare or very-appealing short- or long-term goal.  Despite the fact that this has landed me in the path of leeches and/or eating things one should not (stories for another day), I am a sucker for this kind of thing.  So, in the spirit of Josh and Scott (see link above) and Verity, I propose this:

The Challenge, Should You So Accept It:

- Random Acts of Baked Goods -
You have two weeks from today to bake something scrumptious for someone.  To make this a little more tricky, this person/these people should not be related to you (I say this mostly to challenge myself as I live at home and I often can't get cookies out the door before mom, pops and the sis "sample" them).  Please feel free to share your recipe, take pictures of your baking process and share whom you decided to gift your deliciousness upon.

I was inspired by this blog post, and as I was reading, thought that baking might not be a thing to completely randomize, as, if someone left a box of cookies in the parking lot at my work, I would deign having myself a snack.  But you get the point. (:

Bake on, and happy weekend!!


  1. I hereby state that you're allowed to use "Chal-lenge!" though, in fact, it is not really mine to give. But still. I say it's okay. Interesting challenge! I thought you were going to say that my post on wabi-sabi where I talked about making a cake by hand (without a mixer, basically) was your inspiration, but I like this other blog post too! It might be tricky for me as well, to get someone to give the cake to. But I accept the challenge, regardless!

  2. Wahoos!

    Yeah, actually, I am waaaaay behind on reading your wabi-sabi post (the one after the article one). I did read the article though, and find it so interesting and SO relevant to my life right now. So I will come back to visit that! I'll have to head over there to see about this cake without a mixer thing... cake from scratch! bigger biceps! :-P

  3. All right, I'm totally accepting this challenge. Done and done. Great idea! Although I'm w/ you on not eating cookies from a parking lot. Seems like that could end badly.