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Jul 12, 2011

Summer Slacking

When I started this blog, I was determined that I would not feel guilty for not updating it on what I determined to be a "regular" basis. However, it's been creeping on a month that I haven't posted and those guilty feelings are coming on...

The guilty feelings could also come from the purchase of the little gadget I am currently typing this on - a big purchase that I wasn't entirely convinced I needed. Granted, it allows me the mobility to type away at a coffee shop on my lunch break and wade through the way-too-many emails I have - I'm not that popular, I just find it necessary to read and listen to a bunch of lectures (TED Talks mostly).

Anyways, it's got me wondering lately about what drives me to want and want and want... Or what drives the world to do so...is the whole world affected by the crazed addiction of the new and shiny? I want to be a much simpler, much more contented person. I'm working on it - I'm closer than I was before I think... Thanks for letting me spill. Simplify simplify.


  1. I'm still learning this picture uploading thing - please bear with the bare for a bit!

  2. How interesting that all of these posts are what I've been thinking about too.