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Jul 22, 2011

Dimunae Potter

I know this of myself: I get a bit (okay, more than a bit) dramatic after viewing something dramatic. Despite this, I can't shake the feeling of some sad sort of closure. Viewing the last Harry Potter film does not signify the end of an era of my life, nor even the close of a rather long chapter; rather, it feels as though a thread of the tapestry of my life has been *snipped*. Everything comes and goes in it's due time, so I'm surely not devastated. I am glad, though, to have loved that story, and it's part in my life... and think, "What a bloody good time..."


  1. I was more sad when the books ended. :-( What a great series!

  2. Me too, for sure, but something about the movies ending too means I don't have anything Potter to look forward to... :(

  3. So, wait, this is YOU then??

  4. Wow. That makes me look like I hate Harry Potter!