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Jul 20, 2011

I Triple-Dog Dare Ya

Not one to turn down any kind of idea where I needlessly make life more difficult for myself, I have decided to make a blog post each day for the rest of the month. Jump for joy, my three-ish followers! Or, at least, wiggle your little toe in bemusement...

Today also marks the start of another little experiment - a fast of sorts. Although I always knew I was no Scrooge McDuck, I always thought I did okay with money. Er... Not so much. So today began a 21-day spending fast. I am only allowing myself to buy essential items - like gas, and car repairs and doctor appointments as needed. What?, you say, no food? Well folks, I live at home and I've been asserting my independence through my (admittedly somewhat elitist) foodie lifestyle for too long. And the more I buy, even if it is hummus and fancy French cheese and fruit, the more I eat at my desk at work, so this could help with some fitness as well... Yay for leftovers!

The second thing I am experimenting with fasting from is news and/or music. I have become quite accustomed to listening to NPR during my morning commute -I even know where I should be on my journey when the Academic Minute comes on... And I usually turn a bit of light music on as I'm working. I'm frustrated with how muddled my brain feels lately, and instead of blaming it on the heat or my age, I'll try again to simplify... Sense a theme here?

Here goes...


  1. Challenges are always good ideas! How cool to know someone else is doing this, too! Btw, I can't seem to follow you for whatever reason. So until I figure this out, know that I'm following you even if there's no physical proof. HAHA! That sounds a bit creepster!

  2. Wahoos!

    Haha - yeah, maybe they shouldn't call it following... it DOES sound a bit weird. But I suppose a lot of creepstering happens on the internet!

    No worries - I'm honored to have ya here!

  3. Hey! The spending fast seems like a good idea. I so need to do that.