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Feb 21, 2013

Reflecting on 2012 - Well Into 2013

I wasn't sure whether to go ahead and post this, pretending that I didn't know what date it actually is, or keep it all to myself.  But it's my blog, and I'll do what I wanna... so there.  Or, rather, here you go:

My dear friends Jill and Kate have a November get-together every year, and the past few have had themes.  This year was "Lego my Eggo" - waffles and Lego kits, natch.

Have you seen the Lego figures they sell now?  It's a mystery which one you will get, but all of the "costumes" are pretty outrageous, so you can't lose.  They each come with a "prop" to hold.  Favorites of mine were the Lederhosen Guy (complete with a pretzel!) and the Sleepyhead Guy (with a teddybear).
{Lego people, and a cabin, before and after}

{some waffleage and friends}

Then there was a wooly bear:

{which pooped on me right after this was taken}

And my other brother (not by blood, but by how much he is loved by my family) bought a house with his fiancé, so there was a moving day...

{DylandKate - or, Dylan and Kate}

December brought prepping for the holidays.  This year, this included:

Creating a count-down calendar for my sister-in-law.  My sister and I went in together on supplies and gifts, and created it a la you are my fave so that she could punch through the tissue paper to get a gift each day for 12 days prior to their coming over to our house.  She loved it!

{stages of construction, poorly lit final product on left}

Cookie Day!  The whole family got involved!

{sugary fun}

{near the end, people get tired and strange cookies appear - cannibals and sting rays}

Gifts!  From the ever-clever Dylan and Kate, we received a tea wreath!


And lastly, to end the year, I had my first dog- and house-sitting stint!

{Christmas Maxx and my first Kitchen Aid run!}

So there you have it folks!  I am almost caught up to the present moment (only a month and a half to go!

Annnnddd... I can't figure out why the wreath picture refuses to be centered.  Oh blog.


  1. You are so clever--all these collages. And Blogger randomly does that, the non-center thing. Drive me crazy. Love the legos! I think a lot of toy company are selling for adults more now. I know I get a lot more fun out of them than the kids do! ;-)

  2. I'm lovin' the new look! So new and cool! And I love belated updates! Looks like it was all good fun.

  3. @Bet - Yeah, some of those Lego sets take hours to put together! Crazy! But fun - like a puzzle, with explicit instructions!

    @Nina - Thanks lady!