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Nov 2, 2012

trick or treat... on my street

we're sticklers for tradition at my house.  though these can be found surrounding just about anything, they occur most around birthdays and holidays.  call it "comfort food" for our to-do list, but these traditions make us feel warm and cozy... even if we're pulling them off at the last minute... 

putting knife to pumpkin in search of art... and then, once again, admitting this whole thang ain't easy and settling for a design much more simplified than the one in your head... yup, we do that.

{manda & the mondo one}

{the end product... all aglow}

in addition to the front stairs, we always put up gordon pumpkin, should we get any trick-or-treaters.


my mom always makes a batch of cupcakes that we take around to our neighbors (reverse trick-or-treating?).  we have quite a stock of themed sprinkles, so the desserts get dressed up too!

{unless they're nude-shocking!}

after traipsing to and chatting with our neighbors, we walk home to enjoy roasted pumpkin innards seeds and our sugary booty...

{yum & yum}

what did you do for halloween?

1 comment:

  1. That's one heck of a pumpkin! Most impressive! I had a very tame Halloween, but the Saturday before I did go to a party where I was dressed as a gypsy AKA the only thing I could throw together w/ an hour's notice. :-)