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Sep 1, 2012

summer bucket list

a very long while ago, i promised to post a summer "bucket list"... here we are, on the first day of september, and though there are technically 20-some-odd summer days left, i feel fall creeping on...  having a bucket list for a season is a very appealing idea to someone of my nature - first of all, it is about seasons, which, in the northeast, are pretty distinct (though they're getting a little grey around the edges...).  i love the differences between the four - not only the forms and amounts of precipitation, but what activities, what produce, what moods the season does or doesn't procure.  secondly, the bucket list is that, a list.  ah, lists... the double-edged sword of how my mind works - - on the one hand, they're very handy for organization, and i'll admit i get a little rush when i can cross things off.  on the flip side, it seems that once something is on a list, it is nudged a little further down the scale towards a "task" - something that has to be done, rather than something you simply want to do.  in some ways, i sense i'll feel like i failed if i don't get all things checked off the summer bucket list.  my friends jill and kate, who came up with the idea, thought to keep the lists in a binder (they like binders) to be revisited/reused next summer.  hope for a new summer and gratefulness for this one... that sounds about right.

my list for this summer was as follows (sometimes my job's "firm lingo" creeps into my daily vernacular...):
~have a picnic
~make lemonade
~go swimming in a lake, river or the ocean
~make popsicles
~go to a farmer's market
~family road trip
~make ice cream
~glow stick croquet!
~30-mile bike ride
~kebabs/roasted veg on the grill
~make pesto

here's some picture proof of my wanderings...

{i guess bloomy is an adjective... troy waterfront farmers market}

{yes, that is a dolphin balloon finding its freedom... easthampton picnic with the armstongs, katie and the mauters}

{did you ever notice everyone has their own favorite type of firework?... pyrotechnics courtesy of easthampton, ma}

{pennsylvania road trip with the fam... they grow cabbages big there...}

{recipe courtesy of erin, dishes courtesy of pesto}

i've also had roasted veg on the grill and s'mores, but no pictures of such.  in other goings on this summer (i'd like to pretend this is what has kept me from blogging, but in reality, my loving family did most of this while i was at work), my room got a makeover.

{deciding on the flooring was the hardest part... i felt like i was naming my firstborn... permanence!}

and, in moving out and back in, i realized (again), i have too much stuff.  more on that later.  have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am just getting caught up on blog reading. I love this post! I love your little photo collages. I love your list. And I love that you share my conundrum of lists. :-)

  2. I love lists too. :) I have to ask though... what is glowstick croquet??