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Oct 27, 2011

Well, well...

...it's snowing.

I am so thankful at this little moment for my desk that has an outside-view of the first coming down!

...and my chai tea.

...and my health.

...and all of the lovely people I have the fortune of knowing and being friends and family with.

...and, okay... this could get long...

What are you thankful for at *this very moment*?


  1. My lovely bed, calling me. The fact I made myself pick up the toys so I will get up to a clean house tomorrow. The soup we had for supper. Mostly, that I can go to bed NOW! :-) Enjoy your tea and snow and all the other lovely things.

  2. First and foremost, that I'm at Mary's house and can see my niece and nephew everyday for 3 weeks. That I was able to be there when they got off the bus this week and to make their after school snacks, and to get get kisses and snuggles daily. Secondly, I'm glad I can be here to help Mary w/ the housework. I did all their laundry today. Feeling good about that. Thirdly, I can have a quiet moment to read blogs when everyone is in bed. Fourthly, I talked to Bet on the phone tonight. And last but not least, I have a good book and a warm bed awaiting me when I get off the computer.

    Great post!