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Sep 6, 2011

I Put the PUNK in Punctuality...

Punctuality has never been my forte.  But my lateness in posting my "chal-lenge" response is bordering on embarrassing.  Without further ado...

{cupcakes, finished} 

Since the chal-lenge was pre-Freedom convention, and I had a couple of stops planned on the way, the lucky recipients were: my dear friends Audrey and Belva (whom I know through meeting) and Michael and Sam (whom I know through gardens and clown noses in West Virginia and Superhero Training Academy thereafter) ...and then hapless folks in the women's dorm at Freedom as I tried to pawn off the rest before they went bad (they don't skimp on the butter in buttercream frosting...).

{at the house of my friend sam, who owns this curious squirrel-go-round} 

I would love to expound on the merits of these fine people (I truly do not know how I am so blessed to know so many wonderful people, yourselves included...), but I am an old 28-yearer and I am itching to go to bed, so pictures of goofiness will have to do...

 {staged cupcake awe}

{staged cupcake feeding delight}

Summer happenings have been plen.ti.ful. here lately, including:

 {loveliness bought from a local stand}

{light on dark leaves} 


{bumper crop of 'matos, cukes and bikinis this year} 

{this lovely woman's birthday}

{sightseeing & hiking in thacher park} 

More from Labor Day weekend later kids - I'm whooped.


  1. Awesome pictures! Love the one of you and your Mom at Thatcher Park. And a shout out to all the garden bikinis of the summer. :-) I love that picture. Looks very artsy.

  2. Where is Thatcher Park? B/c I want to go. And the cuppy-cakes look yum!